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You've come to the right place if you want to improve your internal communications, project management, data centralization and sharing, and reporting.

Don't worry, you're not alone! But for those who have decided to opt for SmartCampus, it has radically changed their day-to-day administration. So, what are you waiting for?


Our solution

SmartCampus is the one-stop solution for all your administrative needs. Thanks to its wide range of functions, our knowledge of best practices in your field and its intuitiveness, it can meet all your organizational needs:

Governance and management

Documentation of meetings
Follow-up of actions
Dashboards with key indicators

Educational projects

Automated project management
Deadline tracking and reminders
Collaboration and communication

Academic affairs

Syllabus planning and research
Classroom management
Professional development


Maintenance management and monitoring
Resource allocation and planning
Work monitoring


Marketing campaign follow-up
Website and social media
Event planning

Human Resources

Recruitment and induction
Employee follow-up
Documentation on school policies

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Information sharing
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A few examples

Governance and management

SmartCampus enhances school governance by providing a comprehensive platform for strategic oversight and control. Administrators can use its dashboards to track key indicators and make informed decisions. Educational institutions can effectively implement strategies, monitor progress and maintain transparency, improving governance and achieving objectives.

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Educational projects

Together, we'll streamline workflows and improve collaboration. SmartCampus features enable educators and administrators to manage tasks, track progress and make informed decisions, ensuring efficient and transparent management of administrative and educational initiatives.

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Human Resources

SmartCampus streamlines your human resources by optimizing recruitment and onboarding, performance appraisals and documentation of school policies. HR teams can efficiently manage vacancies, track applicants and automate the integration of new employees. Performance reviews are simplified thanks to customized templates and progress tracking. What's more, the centralized platform ensures easy access and updates of school policies, improving transparency and compliance.

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What if we worked together?

Antoine VittetAntoine Vittet
08:09 28 Mar 23
Workshop on our digital marketing strategy, very relevant and useful
Caitlin NagyCaitlin Nagy
15:27 18 Jan 23
If you're looking for peace of mind to keep your business systems running seamlessly, these guys are just what you need. No, headaches or hassles. They get everything you need to make your backend systems work for you! Highly recommend.
eva excoffoneva excoffon
13:59 06 Jan 23
Mathilde and Amrita provided excellent advice throughout our collaboration, and their ideas were fresh and aesthetically pleasing, while respecting our brand development strategy.
Milena BittonMilena Bitton
13:42 06 Jan 23
Great proposals for the redesign of our website from LANE staff. Renewal while maintaining our corporate guidelines. We'll be implementing these changes thanks to their training.
Thibault CordierThibault Cordier
14:03 Dec 29, 22
Thanks again to the LANE Digital team for their digital marketing support. A serious and innovative approach that perfectly matched my needs.
Louis AngotLouis Angot
13:59 29 Dec 22
Superb collaboration that improved our efficiency at work.I thank the whole team for their help in digital transformationSuper project. Superb teamTop team, I recommend.Very good expertise and response to our needsSerious and professional. I can only recommend them for your digital marketing.Fast and agile in their organization to adapt to our schedule.
Paul supported us in our automation projects to save us time on a daily basis. He has been a great help and has enabled us to achieve greater productivity in a short space of time.
After 4 disastrous experiences in 2 years with competing companies, I called on LANE DIGITAL CONSULTING to create my website and promote it digitally. I'd like to thank them warmly for their attentiveness in understanding the process, their creativity in creating the visuals, and their patience in guiding me towards autonomy! Fast, relevant and very professional... I recommend them!

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