The best tool for tracking time and expenses

Time tracking software is essential in any business to ensure accountability, transparency, file management and more. We'll help you find and optimize THE optimal solution to suit your structure and time tracking objectives.

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The market-leading tool

LANE partners with market-leading software to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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The right time tracking software

Based on an analysis of your ecosystem, we find the digital solution that will help you achieve your objectives.

    • Get an overview of the time spent on each project.
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Improve your productivity

We'll not only help you find the right time tracking software, we'll also find the one that makes you more productive.

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Integrated training

We set up your time tracking tool and train all stakeholders in its use.

LANE Digital Consulting

Implementing temp tracking software is for you if :

In concrete terms...

Sorting your pens efficiently won't help your business. Here's how we can help you get organized.

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We'll do an audit of the current situation. This will help us understand where you are today and what needs to be done to improve the situation.

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On the basis of our audit, we will then be able to design a workshop adapted to the company's current practices and digital ecosystem.

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Over the course of a day, we'll be tackling 6 thematic workshops. The sessions will take place outside the office for greater involvement and commitment.

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We'll be updating you on the progress and progress of the 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

Let's work together!

I highly recommend Digital Day to any company looking to improve its productivity. Thank you for organizing this workshop!
  • Reduced distractions at work

    Josette L. - Founder
    Portrait of a customer
    Digital Day is great for improving team productivity. Everyone was able to get more done without being constantly interrupted.
  • Improved internal communication

    Antoine B. - Project Manager
    Boost your digital productivity
    The Digital Day workshop helped me communicate better with my team. I now know what everyone is working on, and we're all able to communicate more effectively.
  • A program to improve concentration

    Alexis - Trainer/Coach
    Working efficiently. Remote digital workplace focus
    If you're like me, you spend most of your day jumping from task to task, constantly interrupted by e-mails, chat messages and colleagues. I highly recommend LANE's Digital Day workshop. It allowed us to focus on our tasks and get more done.
  • A workshop to help you reorganize

    Margot G. - Co-Founder
    Remote Digital Workplace happiness
    Before, our team wasted a lot of time trying to find information. Digital Day has made it much easier for us to find what we need. Everything is organized and easy to find. Thank you LANE team!
  • A more organized workflow

    Grégory L. - Manager
    Learn to be productive and improve concentration
    The workshop really helped me organize my workflow and improve communication with the team.