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Integrate Hubspot into your processes to optimize performance and accelerate growth.

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Superior software

Hubspot is more than just a CRM. It's your ticket to a single source of truth for sales, marketing and customer service.


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A solution for startups

Over 143,000 companies have trusted Hubspot to take their business to the next level - why shouldn't yours? As a Hubspot Certified Partner, we'll help you make the most of the software to take your startup from early stage to the next hot IPO.

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The right strategy

As a Hubspot Certified Partner, we'll help you leverage the software with an action plan designed to achieve the goal of attracting, engaging and delighting your prospects in order to develop a business that delivers value and builds trust.

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1000+ integrations

Hubspot has been built from the ground up to work seamlessly with your existing software. It only takes a few seconds to connect, and we'll help you connect all the dots, expand on the platform and grow faster than ever!

Hubspot Sales Software certification

LANE Digital Consulting


We are certified Hubspot partners in Switzerland and can help you get the most out of the platform. We'll work with you to create a strategy that aligns with your sales objectives and helps you achieve your growth targets.

In concrete terms...

Our experts are constantly updating their knowledge of Hubspot's latest developments and best practices, to support our customers in their projects.

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Together, we'll identify solutions and objectives for implementing Hubspot so that your organization can continue to grow.

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Integration & implementation

Based on the above analysis, we'll configure your Hubspot platform and align it with your existing digital ecosystem. 

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As a certified partner, we train your entire team to use the Hubspot suite. 

Let's work together!

"With LANE by our side, we've been able to attract qualified traffic, generate leads, turn prospects into customers and build loyalty. "
  • Hubspot has been an essential tool for our company

    William S. - Head of Sales and Marketing
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    It's an all-in-one platform that has enabled us to manage the growth of our business. With LANE at our side, we've been able to attract qualified traffic, generate leads, turn prospects into customers and build loyalty.
  • An agile, easy-to-use marketing automation tool

    Mélanie - Marketing analyst
    Young entrepreneur posing in her office with arms crossed
    With LANE's support, we've gained in productivity and efficiency. We manage all our channels and automate all our marketing actions via a single platform.
  • Support that lives up to our expectations

    Frédéric P. - CEO
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    Whatever the project: marketing campaign launch, CRM implementation, marketing automation, the LANE team configured Hubspot to our needs.
  • Complete training

    Danielle B- Co-Founder
    A woman with short hair staring into the camera, sitting in front of her laptop.
    In addition to the full implementation of the tool, LANE provided us with comprehensive training on the Hubspot suite.
  • Consulting and framing of our Hubspot project

    David N. - Head of Sales
    A man with glasses smiling with his arms crossed
    The LANE team learns about our objectives and the problems we want to solve with the Hubspot tool.